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We'll travel over 50 miles for you

Behle Inc. understands how important septic inspections are, which is why we are willing to travel over 50 miles to inspect your system. Expect prompt and professional service.


Get in touch with us now for a 100% FREE estimate on your inspection.

Call us 24 /7 when you have an environmental emergency. Our septic inspectors are willing and ready to help you ASAP.


Septic inspections protect your home, health and environment

Routine septic inspections are needed in order to keep your home, yourself, and those around you safe. You also discourage any septic issues from arising when you allow us to maintain your system on a regular basis. For the people in Iowa who are not served by a city sewer system, the responsibility to properly treat and dispose of their waste water lies with the homeowner and their septic system. Time of Transfer inspections will systematically eliminate illegal septic systems and will get failing systems repaired. View more information about Time of Transfer Real Estate Septic Inspections.

Always feel free to ask us questions about our services and voice any concerns you may have. We're always here to help you!

Our septic inspections include:

Once you choose Behle Inc. as your one stop environmental specialist, you will never choose another.

- Industrial – Commercial – Residential

- Iowa State wide licensed inspector

- Time of transfer real estate inspections

- We will travel 50 miles outside of Ames, IA


Let us help you keep your septic system in tip top shape!

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